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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hidden Windows 7 Tool Securely Wipes Free Space

We've discovered a hidden tool within Windows 7 which allows you to securely wipe the free space on your hard drive.  When you delete files on your computer, Windows shows the free space as being available but traces of the deleted files remain on your hard drive.  The traces left behind make it possible for technicians to recover the data.  However, there is a tool within Windows 7 which is supposed to go through those deleted files and securely delete the traces left behind.  Apparently this tool is also available in Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista.

To launch this tool you need to do the following:
1.  Launch the "command prompt" by going to "Accessories" and finding the program.
2.  Type in the following command:  Cipher/w:(X).  Where "X" is indicated, type in the letter of the drive, usually C.

That's all you need to do.  Be patient.  This may take several hours.

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