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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pale Moon 6 a Necessity for Firefox Users

I find myself using the Google Chrome Browser more and more.  I used to use the Firefox browser but Chrome seems to have gotten to the point where its faster and less bloated.  I still find myself going back to Firefox every so often.  This is especially necessary when I use my Google Apps business account.  I need to print a copy of my calendar and Chrome does not print the schedule properly.  In order for me to print the schedule properly I have to use another browser and that's Firefox.  I just discovered a very good alternative to Firefox, Pale Moon 6.0Firefox is designed to work on every computer out there.  This includes modern, up to date new computers, to older computers with Pentium chips, Windows 7 systems to Windows XP systems.  This puts users with modern Windows 7 systems to a disadvantage when Using Firefox because its not designed to take specific advantage of the features available in modern systems and with Windows 7.   Pale Moon is designed to take advantage of Windows 7 and dual -core processors to make Firefox work faster.  Only users with newer, modern Windows computers should download Pale Moon 6.0.  The developers of Pale Moon have tweaked Firefox to make it run much faster by disabling features unnecessary in newer Windows computers and eliminating features that only slow down Firefox on these newer systems.  I have been using Pale Moon 6.0 for a few days and report that it works flawlessly.  I find myself using Pale Moon much more often than Firefox.  There is a noticeable increase in speed which brings it up to par with Chrome. Also, Pale Moon is able to open up some websites that the newest version of Firefox was unable to open up.  

When you first download Pale Moon it asks you if you want to import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer or Opera.  It does not give you an option to import your bookmarks from Firefox or Chrome.  I chose not to import anything.  After the browser installed I was able to import my Firefox bookmarks by using Firefox Sync.  The developers also have a migration tool which preserves your profiles and bookmarks.  We have not used this migration tool but you can download it here.

To download Pale Moon 6, click here. Give it a test drive and let us know what you think.

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