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Monday, June 28, 2010

Another 2.2 Build Released - FRF85B

Google has released another build that is available for download.  First there was FRF50, then FRF72, then FRF83 and now FRF85B.  Different websites and publishers were speculating that FRF83 was the final build but yesterday we published a blog in which we pointed out that there was speculation that FRF83 was not the final build in spite of reports that select Nexus One owners had reported receiving OTA updates.  What was particularly interesting was that Google had made no official announcement that they had finished with Android 2.2.  With this new build, there should be no doubt that Google is still working on a final build of Android 2.2.  Notice how each build is getting closer and closer in time.  A sure sign that Google is getting closer and closer to the final release.  We should not expect any major changes to Android 2.2.  It appears as if Google is in the tweaking stage.

To download FRF85B click here to download the file and then follow these step-step-directions.  It's very easy.  I've done it at least 4 times without any problems.

1.  Rename the file "update" and save it on your SD card on the Nexus One.
2.  Turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down the trackball and power button.
3.  Select "Boatloader" and then "Recovery."
4.  When you see the android guy with the log, press the volume up button and the power buttons.
5.  Choose "" and wait until it installs the update.  Reboot the phone and that's it.

Let us know if you have noticed anything in FRF85B.

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