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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is FRF83 The Final FroYo Build?

The other day Google released FRF83, the latest FroYo build.  We published a post giving our readers a step to step guide to manually downloading the update to your Nexus One.  Reports also started circulating that Google had begun the OTA (over the air) update of the build.  However, now we can report that there are conflicting reports about whether this latest build is the actual final version of Android 2.2.  The AndroidGuys blog is reporting that this is not the final release of Android 2.2.  In a blog published today, they report that Google is working on a build with a higher number than 83 and that they have actually issued an OTA update to a select number of testers.  What is interesting to them is that Google has not issued any public announcement that they have released Android 2.2.  They cite an inside source who tells them that Google is still working on Android 2.2 but acknowledge the possibility that FRF83 may be the final release for the Nexus One for T-Mobile because the source is using the Nexus One with AT&T.

Computerworld is reporting that FRF83 is the final build and that it has been released to the public.  In a blog published today, they claim that they have proof that Android 2.2 has been finished and the version released a few days ago, FRF83 is the final release version.  They claim that the reason the OTA update has been stopped is because Google was experiencing problems with its servers and is performing maintenance on them.  They suggest that this release was a test release and once they are finished with the maintenance on their servers, within the next few weeks, they will begin a mass OTA update to everyone and make the announcement.

At this point all we can do is wait to see which story is true.  Time will tell.  In case you haven't updated your Nexus One to the latest version of Android 2.2, you can do so by clicking here.

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