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Friday, July 16, 2010

Firefox App Available on Apple Marketplace

Today comes news that Apple has allowed its first Firefox app on its marketplace.  The app is called "Firefox Home" and is available right now on the apple app store for free.  Since its not a full fledged browser it is really a spin off of the Firefox Sync add-on.  The app requires that you have the Firefox Sync add-on installed and enabled on your Firefox browser. Once you install the app you need to sign on using the user name and password that you use with the Firefox Sync add-on.  Once you sign on you will have access to the browser's bookmarks and history, and the open tabs from your most recent Firefox session.  It only offers one-way sync, from the browser on the computer to your phone, but not the reverse.  Since Apple bars any competing browsers on the IPhone, Firefox Home uses the native Safari browser to access the web pages.  Opera is allowed to submit its browser on the apple app store but it sidestepped Apple's ban by actually retrieving the web pages from its servers.

The Firefox Home app is available right now for free for immediate download from the apple app store for the IPhone, ITouch and IPad.

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