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Friday, July 16, 2010

Google Announces Final Shipment Of Nexus One Phones

Today, Google announced that it has received its final shipment of Nexus One phones.  Once the final shipment is sold, their online store will shut down.  In May, Google announced that they will no longer sell the phone on its online store but instead shift to traditional brick and mortar stores for distribution.  As this historic Android phone nears the end of its life, Google will use distributors to make the phone available to developers and give carriers the option to start to carry the phone through their normal distribution channels.  It doesn't appear that any U.S. carriers have signed on to carry the phone but Vodaphone in Europe, and KT in South Korea, will distribute the phone.

The Nexus One was introduced in early January by Google and sold exclusively through its online store.  The phone ushered in a new era for the Android operating system by directly competing against the venerable Apple IPhone.  Many reviewers believed that the Nexus One was superior to the IPhone with its AMOLED display and 1ghz Snapdragon processor.  In the months following the Nexus One's release, some truly spectacular phones have been released which have taken Android into a new arena.  Phones like the Droid X, Incredible, HTC EVO and HTC Slide were based off of the standards set by the Nexus One.

To get your N1 you should act quickly.  Once the final shipment is gone, Google will shut down its online store and the Nexus One will ride off into the sunset.

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