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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nexus Prime to be Unveiled?

Samsung has announced that they will be hosting a special event at the upcoming CTIA Enterprise and Applications Conference in San Diego.  The event is called "Samsung Unpacked, Google Episode."  Speculation is rampant that Samsung will unveil the rumored Nexus Prime, the next version of the pure Google phone.  The first phone was the Nexus One and the second was the Nexus S.  The Nexus One was manufactured by HTC while the Nexus S and the upcoming Nexus Prime are manufactured by Samsung.  The line of Nexus phone features the pure Android experience, without any add-ons or changes to the Android operating system.  The Nexus Prime is rumored to have some top of the line features including a 4.6 inch display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1080p video recording, 720p hi-def screen, 1GB of RAM, 5MP primary camera and 2MP front facing camera, and the first Android device to run the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich version of the OS.  

The San Diego event is scheduled for October 11, seven days after Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5.

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James Dimeas said...

Prime announcement postponed for respect to Steven Jobs. Rumored that announcement will be on October 27.