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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

End of the Road for Nexus One

A Google representative has revealed the dreaded news that the venerable Nexus One will not be receiving the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0.  The Nexus One was released a little less than 2 years ago.  It set the stage for the future models of the Android line and helped propel Android past the iPhone in popularity.  Google had previously claimed that Ice Cream Sandwich will be made available on all phones capable of running Gingerbread but revealed yesterday that it won't be making its way to the Nexus One.  While the Nexus One certainly has the processor and RAM to run Ice Cream Sandwich, it is believed that it's lack of a graphics processor is the main reason for it not receiving the upgrade.  Google did reveal that the Nexus S will be receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade in the coming weeks.

This announcement means that the Nexus One will end at Gingerbread.  It's been a glorious ride!

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